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Friday, September 24, 2010


MELISSA is dam frekking crazy weih! Wan be 2 study the whole chapter of sejarah by ONE WEEK to teach her. Crazy right? I knw. :]
XI LIANG keep finding MINDY n dum us all. NOOB (jkjk)
MICHELLE n SINYIK (me) always study half way never ever finish!
SOOK wearing kai xin PINK watch which is nt really look good in her! ( jk oso)
NAT still the same ~CRAZY~
WEN QI ( i think still same fat lyk MK said)
boring notes by ME sinyik...............

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ridin Solo


Mel here,our blog is like dead so im here trying to make it err alive??
Kay,exams is coming and im like not studying at all well maybe a little.
Sinyik is so obviously gonna beat me in exams AGAIN as usual.
Michelle is working on her NERD mission.
I really wanna work hard this time,Wen Qi you know why kan???
Its really pressuring studying.I wanna party all day.Well its not gonna happen.
There's peer pressure everywhere.:(
GOOD LUCK peeps.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Hello peoples!!!

Mel here,school is tomorrow!!!
Argh,dont wanna go to school tomorrow kan kan??
Owh,wen qi went to school today..she said it was kinda fine:)
Kay,im like super crapping here..
Super short post...Bye.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


this blog is half dead!.but anyway..
wenqi how are you??..incase y'll haven't know..
wenqi had a new phone number--0174852312
i think she sure had a great life there?..
haha..right?..are you getting new phone?..
anyway..tommorow is library camp!!wuh!!excited!

don't know why..feeling like so boring in house..
don't know why..feeling like so wanted to go back to school..
don't know why..feeling like so missing those friends back at school..
don't know why..feeling like so missing those teachers at school..
don't know why..feeling so missing those homework during school days..
don't know why...
eh??!!oohh yea!!damn it!
i forget to do the holiday package!!
don't know why..doesn't feel like doing it..
but yet..don't know why ..feeling like want to be a nerd..
but..don't know why anyway..i cant be a nerd..
arghh!!i must be a nerd to score A!
wake up every morning at about 4.00a.m. and study??
friends!are you with me??
kay..together!!now off to study and be a nerd!!

bye..kang here btw.

Friday, June 11, 2010

I am back

Hey guys! Sinyik here. Btw i am back. Bhahaha. So fun camping n caving at Gopeng. N our tuition is the first time dicuss in the water-river. Oso so miss the frenz that is last day n last trip v me. No... Bye bye!~btw WEN QI hw r u in Kedah?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hello peoples!!

Mel here,our blog is seriously half-dead..
People i miss you guys!!its like 1 more week till i see you guys..
Well although i do miss the time we sit down to chill and chat its really fun though..
I miss you guys!!I wanna go back to school,well not to study but just hang out.\
I know im talking crap here,oh well see you all soon in genting..

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Never say never

Hello peoples!!!

Mel here,holidays are like super boring..
Im like facebook-ing every single day..
Its like heck yeah boring..
Eeps..cant wait for camp..its gonna be awesomee..
Oh,Thanks to the awesome-est YONG SINYIK and NATASHA to make this great blog..
Kay,just a super duper short post..bye.